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   Psychic Chakra Energy

Nivea Lawrence is a professional psychic working with pure natural energy light  recognized for her abilities Her psychic abilities are able to see beyond the realm.

She is a natural born psychic Love specialist

 With over 40 years of experience in restoring love and reconnecting soulmates  a severe case specialist.

Her  work is pure and natural healing methods Energy sounds and vibrations she can and will help you through her spiritual energy and healing sessions and lighting you to your seven chakra the seven chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows.

Chakra healing, Aura balancing, Spiritual healing also a gifted reiki healer.


Love specialist reconnecting positive energy

Love, marriage, career, health.

Fast results.


The day has come to take control of your destiny experience the peace of knowing the right path to travel in your life.


"As a psychic I am passionate about helping my clients achieve breakthroughs, result and

living the lives they love with my spiritual guidance they can achieve life's goals and create a plan of action to Define your life Visions."


"Get the answers you need I will also give you the solutions to your problems I can see into your love ones mind, heart and spirit seeking the true feelings I can answer those questions you are afraid to ask your loved one I will help you find real life Solutions".

Honest and straight-forward information.

Sorry but she don't sugar-coat. She tries to be clear and direct, so you do not misunderstand the information that is coming through her.

Nivea, believes we all tend to hear what we want to hear and believe what we want to believe, so she tries to present the information that really needs to come through in a way that cannot be interpreted as something different than what she is receiving. She believes her job is to provide information to you, to help you make wise choices and decisions in your life. You already know what you know her job is to tell you what you don't know but may need to know.

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