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 Crystal Light Therapy

Chakra balancing healing crystal light therapy

 Balancing the mind & body

 Lighted bed

 Seven hand carved quartz crystal

 The Crystals radiate colored light through

 Balancing the body and the chakra as well as

 clearing and balancing the aura


 It's not uncommon to find the chakra to be unbalanced or blocked negativity in the chakra balancing or unblocking the chakra is  performed through the chakra therapy as the chakra are the gateway to the universe is the energy to the harmony of the body they have direct impact for spiritual well-being



 Benefits of the chakra balancing

 Through the chakra therapy

 Love relationship career Health

 You are in touch with your feelings and creativity you are able to fully give and receive love you are opening two expressing yourself you gain in understanding of your well-being in the world that you live in connecting with your highest levels of harmony.

Clearing chakra & spiritual energies


 Our physical and spiritual bodies are made from and are surrounded by energy. We store and create the energy inside us and around us and some energies create sickness and illnesses. For thousands of years, we have use crystal energy to amplify, heal and clear energies in our bodies. There are over 60 references to do use of crystals in the Bible and hundreds more in ancient spiritual text and in all cultures throughout earth's history. many also include references to the father God and the Mother Earth

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