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Chakra and energy healing

Nivea, who's assisted by 20 different  spiritual angels by using the Crystal singing bowls and tuning forks frequency 288 HZ and 468 HZ when sounded together tuning forks produce a sound that  has been called angelic and many find's it creates spiritual feeling incense of healing to the chakra, Crystal healing creates a portal for the healing to enter spiritual and sacred spirals through their intentions many experience the introducing of Spiritual travel or, connection within to a higher spiritual realms or represents pure,undifferentiated cosmic energy. The desire to experience the Divine, however you define this is the dominant drive of the seventh chakra if there is a need it is to absolutely surrender to divine guidance.  At this level,we are not satisfied knowing about the spiritual life we want to merge with the divine and have all of our actions guide us by this.

When your chakra energies are being attacked
Imperative to clean out your aura field and chakra vulnerability 
that allowed the attack to begin. Nivea is especially equipped to come in and heal and seal your aura and chakra energies.


Yes long distance healing is possible the amount of people who receive long distance healing treatments no matter how far people are from me.

Chakra System

The chakra are of energy through which the universal life Force is channelled and transmitted. They resonate at different frequencies, which we, in the physical dimension, associate with different colours. Crystals work on the same principals. They oscillate to a natural healing frequency that is activated by the Power of the mind.this is achieved by techniques such as Crystals balance of the chakra. Nivea can perform this technique to help you change your life's path physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

 Energy balancing and reiki healing therapy  it supports the body to fully access it's own ability to heal itself. Rebalancing chakras light touch to physical and spiritual well being to remove blockages and balance unbalanced energies. Therapy for reducing stress and relaxation it also channels the spiritual mental state providing clarity.

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