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All readings and services are energy based due to this fact duration time may vary.
All readings and services by appointment only.
Ph: 972-746-7588

Heart Chakra Reading

Love is wonderful but not always easy knowing if you found that One
The answers are waiting for you with A love reading by Nivea will also gain deep insight about yourself and your relationship to overcome the obstacles chakra energy is also a very powerful tool and method when repairing a relationship with a soulmate uniting
With a heart chakra love reading balance between giving and receiving love you will learn how to improve your relationship and move your career forward and avoid life obstacles
If there are blockages or unbalanced in your chakra we can do a,chakra aura cleansing for you to release those things that are standing between you and your goals my using spiritual chakra energy we can help reunite you with loved ones identify hidden source or trouble in your life 
It's never too late to reunite with your soulmate even if you been separated for years there's still hope you can get your ex back and live a life of joy and love
Find your soulmate or understand a current relationship 

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